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What Can You Get Done

hang a tv - Handy Jobs

Handy Jobs

install a lamp or change a bulb - Electrical


Before and After painting


Fixing plumbing


A man fixing the roof - outdoor work

Outdoor Work

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"JobJar has been helping us to solve very efficiently all issues with the electrical outlets, smoke detectors and with the garage door in our home. Great company to connect us with an excellent network of skilled doers in Edmonton. Thank you JobJar!"

Marleny H.

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"Went through Job Jar to repair an appliance. Very straightforward, easy to initiate, good choice of technicians for quotes on the job. The work was carried out by a competent and professional skilled technician very successfully. Job Jar was there to support if needed from start to finish. A first-class experience and service"

Teddy T.

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"Just finished my first transaction with Job Jar. It went really well! The Skilled Doer that we awarded the job too was fantastic! He communicated well, charged fairly, and was kind and considerate at the work site."

Audrey W.

What's a Skilled Doer

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A professional, skilled and insured independent contractor who has been approved by JobJar's vetting process.

Don't Just Hire Anyone Who Will Do A Task

Hire A Skilled Doer And

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