Background Check Policy

JobJar is empowering customers to make smarter, faster, safer hiring decisions through advanced technology, and transparency of the Skilled Doers enrolled in the platform.


JobJar has partnered with Sterling Talent Solutions to accelerate the Criminal Record Checks and simplify the procedure to our independent Skilled Doers. Although Skilled Doers can submit their own background checks, JobJar encourages Skilled Doers to use the all-in-one solution from Sterling. 


Sterling processes are compliant with PIPEDA and with provincial privacy and human rights legislation. Provided in partnership with numerous Canadian police departments and based on information maintained by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).


We strongly believe in second chances and offering those with minor offences to get another chance to demonstrate their willingness to succeed in their career as professionals. JobJar will clear a Skilled Doer when ONE of the following criteria are met:

1. The candidate has a clear record (no convictions) in the past 5 years from the moment the Skilled Doer is verified.

2. The candidate has not been convicted or declared guilty of any of the following offences:

a. Terrorism

b. Weapon

c. Sexual

d. Homicide


e. Property


3. The candidate has been convicted of any other offence not mentioned on 2 and has not committed any other offences within the past 5 years.

JobJar reserves the right to refuse to clear a background check when the conviction was within the past 5 years and/or to the discretion of JobJar.
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