It's a Happy New Home Resolution

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Let’s make this 2018 the year where your honey-do list stops growing and starts diminishing. Nothing like having a well kept home where you can relax without thinking about what needs fixing. Unnecessary headaches are just that, unnecessary.

To help you with this, JobJar has created a limited number of discounted promotions where you can save up to $160.


Here is how it works:


1. Create a “New Job” using your JobJar account.

2. Send us a text to (403) 536 4007 with your job name and desired discount code.

3. You will receive a text back either with the word “approved” or “try a different code” (There are limited numbers of discount codes, so just get it done!)


The project must be completed by the Skilled Doer within February 16th, 2018

2 people will get 80% (up to $160) OFF  

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