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Today's trend in the construction industry is definitely glass. If you're looking for a new style for your house, a JobJar's glass contractors will suit you

Today's trend in the construction industry is definitely glass. So if you're looking for a new and contemporary style for your house, JobJar's glass specialists will perfectly suit you.

Glass is way more adaptable than you might think. It was first made around 500 BC, and since then it has been a fascinating material for humankind.

It's mainly made from silica, but then it's mixed with sodium potassium carbonate, lime or lead oxide and manganese oxide. All these elements are ground, sieved and mixed in specific proportions and melted in a furnace. It's this mix that forms what we know as glass, which can then take any number of shapes and uses by rolling, blowing, pressing or flat drawing.

Glass contractors work hand in hand with homeowners, designers, and others contractors to create, design and provide products that bring your dreamed glass project to life.

The services of a glass contractor go from installing or fixing frameless shower doors, mirrors, glass shelves, table tops, cabinet glass, and patterned glass to foggy or broken windows and doors.

According to your needs, a glass contractor will offer you different types of glass, such as fire-resistant glass, noise control glass, self-cleaning glass, thermal insulation glass (to keep the temperature stable inside), and toughened glass (to improve its resistance).

You are the one with the idea, but glass contractors have the knowledge and experience to materialize it, to make it happen.

As they say: it's best to leave it to the pros! Especially when you're looking for quality, responsibility, guarantee, and good service. At JobJar, we believe that's how it should be: simply done right. That's why we created a network that benefits both homeowners and qualified independent contractors (or skilled doers, as we like to call them). Here, they can connect directly with each other and solve all sorts of household problems together.

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