The next 3 screens will guide you on what to expect from JobJar and what JobJar expects from you as a new member of the family (it should take you about 10 minutes to go through)

We are all about supporting each other on the good, the bad and the ugly about growing a successful business. JobJar commits on ALWAYS and we really mean it, keeping you in mind when taking new business decisions. The question is always the same for us: will it benefit our partners, the Skilled Doers (YOU)? If the answer is yes, we sign in the dotted line. So, rest assure that we have your back and we expect the same in return. We are simple and believe in the saying….”If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours” Fair enough? Let us start scratching your back by providing you with the support and the proper tools to start receiving free leads to grow your business.

We support great Skilled Doers with amazing ethical values. So, please make sure you are stick to our expectations on Step 2.

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What we ask in return is for your help in building a place where ideal customers come to find you. Ideal customers are those with values, ethics and mutual respect. Say NO to those customers who want to cheat the system and let the name JobJar be a synonym of people with values who love to help others.