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Interior Stonework, Landscape, Electrical, Carpentry, Appliance, General Maintenance & Handiwork, Drywall, General Cleaning, Plumbing, Interior Design, Light Framing, Siding, Wall & Flooring Finishings, Mud / Tape & Painting, Snow Removal

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Barry Hemphill

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Owner/Operator of Convivium Contracting Corp. Shortly after he began working in the field, Calgary born Barry Hemphill – a carpenter, framer and builder –identified a significant gap in the custom renovation and building market: 'I find too many contractors often only care about speed and bottomline with less attention to quality', Barry observed. With honed skills through a series of projects, courses, certificate programs and apprenticeships, he decided to do something about it, and formed Convivium Contracting Corp. Before, during, and after the four year Carpentry certificate program via the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), Barry was able to explore different aspects of the construction industry. He had accomplished this by apprenticing beside his journeyman father & mentor in the family contracting business. After the program and ten years plus with his father, he went on to explore some of the different aspects in the industry. He was a carpenter at PCL on Calgary skyscrapers, lead-hand responsible for a team of 12-16 professionals in a multi-family framing company between 1999-2004, as well as the leading framing subtrade for Jayman Homes Calgary between 2004-2009. After spending years in the various aspects of the profession, Barry realized his time at home in the family contracting business is where he excelled and was happiest, he wanted to get back to his roots. The smaller scope in comparison to the commercial & industrial projects, combined with diverse challenges and more personal experience is what really drew him in. From the beginning, Barry has been on a pursuit to bring the highest of quality to homes, renovations and various projects throughout the Calgary area. He believes every project should be crafted in a way that speaks for itself both in quality and design. With that in mind, in 2010, Barry formed Convivium Contracting Corp. and has since procured a team of subtrades, suppliers, vendors, and employees who share the same values as him. “We are proactive problems-solvers who are dedicated to delivering outcomes that fully meet and exceed our clients’ visions and requirements. We strive to bring functionality and of course style through esthetics to everything we create, whether it's a kitchen, a basement, a bathroom or a single family home. Our expertise in construction translates into better-realized residential visions. We strongly believe that building a beautiful home is not just about how fast and profitable you get the job done.' - Barry




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