You’re on the right path for your Do It Yourself project.

Professional skilled contractors, electricians, and plumbers are ready to assist you online so you can do your job yourself

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You are completing your project yourself,

but not on your own.

Connect via a simple text, no extra software required!

Starting at $34.65 per 50min

Support micro-businesses around your area. 

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-Get suggestions on your DIY job from Doers.
-Get a list of the materials you need for a job.
-Chat about the different types of material the pros get and why.
-Troubleshoot a DIY project during and after. 
- Got a larger job?
Interview contractors (Skilled Doers) before you hire for a larger project. Chat about your requirements, cost estimation, timelines, and much more.

Service starting at $34.65

(All you need is a phone with a camera and voila!)

When Youtube is not enough. Connect with a Skilled Doer today.
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Show them what you see

Receive a simple text message, click to connect and you are ready to show them what you see. 
Video Call Support

How it Works

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Post a job or select a candidate directly from the available contractors

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Review the candidates
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Book your service and hop on your video call

Check Out All Contractors Available

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Darrell Ingeveld

Calgary Alberta

What sets me apart is simply good service. Showing respect to peoples homes and assets and serving others with a friendly smile, fair pricing, and a job well done...for you

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Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Our No#1 priority is your happiness.

We stand 100% by our Skilled Doers and their great service, no matter what.  If you are not happy with the service, we will refund your money, just reach out, I have your back.